21 Century After School

Making Academics Exciting, Empowering, Relevant & FUN For ALL Students

The most effective after school programs are those that help to solidify the relevance of academics, and increase the skill sets of its students throughout the disciplines.  Research shows that before and after school programs that are project based and kinesthetic in nature, produce outcomes that help students in K-12 education, post-secondary education as well as in life.
As a before and after school 21st Century program, The Formula is designed to influence:
  1. Improved Social & Emotional Development
  2. Parental Involvement
  3. Better Attitudes toward School and Higher Educational Aspirations
  4. Loftier Career Aspirations
  5. Higher School Attendance Rates
  6. Lower Tardiness Rates
  7. Improved Executive Functioning
  8. Less Disciplinary Action Such as Suspension
  9. Lower Dropout Rates
  10. Significant Performance Increases Measured by Achievement in Test Scores and Grades
  11. Greater On-time Promotion
  12. Improved Homework Completion
  13. Deeper Engagement in Learning
In an before and after school application, The Formula accomplishes these outcomes by giving students an academic tool they can develop, using the disciplines through project based kinesthetic exercises like:
  1. Building Business & Investor Relationship by Playing Golf
  2. Writing and Performing Super Bowl TV Commercials
  3. Career Day & Job Shadowing
  4. Developing Working Prototypes for Their Innovations
  5. Sending Press Releases to Media Outlets for TV Appearances
  6. Viral Marketing Competitions on Youtube.com
  7. Lemonade Stand Summer Team Sales Contests
A growing trend in high school as well as college, is for young people to model themselves after favorite celebrity entrepreneurs.
Many college students are starting their own companies so they don’t ever apply for jobs once they graduate. The Formula is a pre-requisite for this, with the added bonus of achieving 21st Century outcomes, improving attendance, test scores and student engagement.
Giving your students The Formula, is giving them exactly what they need and want.