About Us

Bandit Publishing was founded on the principal that, “All students deserve to make out like bandits financially in life, and not just the offspring of the rich.”
Bandit Publishing is on a single mission is to equip all students with the skills to lead any corporation as a CEO visionary on the bleeding edge of next generation technological innovation.
The companies founder says, “We can no longer expect students to show up to class with zero understanding of how they will use what they are learning in the classroom, to engineer their success in the real world. We need to give today’s youth an exciting academic and social end game to aspire to. Once they see the pot of gold, they work tirelessly to acquire it for themselves. The Formula is that pot of gold.” 

A Vision To Turn All Today’s Youth Into Sales & Marketing Engineers

Have The Answers Before You Play The Game

The Founder, a classically trained engineer from Northeastern University has worked as a “sales engineer” for Fortune 500 technology companies like AT&T, Qwest Communications, Cannon USA, ConEd Communications just to name a few. His area of expertise was to design complex technology solutions for Chief Executive Officers as well as their Chief Information Officers and then, explain it simple enough, they understand it, trust in him and most important, purchase his designs. 
While working as a technology sales consultant by day for some of the most powerful technology corporations in the world, the author was also rubbing shoulders with celebrities through his friends from the Ivy League running their own successful national marketing agency. Living as a salesman by day, and a marketing apprentice by night, the companies founder fine tuned his sales & marketing skills to their zenith! In the spirit of engineering and innovation, we at Bandit Publishing have packaged all these skill sets in this money producing algorithmic formula we are now sharing with the world.
This formula is his way of synthesizing the the behavior of the engineer, as well as the marketing / sales executive into one super CEO. Through The Formula, the author explains the two worlds simple enough a young child, as well as an adult can understand and most important, use in their lives instantly.
The company believes all students to have an Ivy League mentality as far as what they can achieve in life. “We can no longer send our children into the unknown not knowing!” The company is built on the premise that it is far better to create jobs for many, than to find a job for ones self.