Career & Technical Education

  • "The Formula is an out of the box business, marketing, STEM or entrepreneurial career cluster curriculum, but it can also be used to upgrade any career cluster with appropriate rigor, innovative relevance and pedagogy, so vocational students are equipped for the competitive challenges waiting for them in the 21st Century."


    Ann Plancher – Deputy of Education

The Formula is a stand alone curriculum for career clusters in pathways like:
Business Administration
Design Engineering 
In addition to being the foundation of the above clusters, The Formula provides (5) main value propositions to your CTE / vocational department.
  • Increases Content Relevance
  • Provides Employment Acquisition Methodology
  • Provides Employment Creation Methodology
  • Increases Content Rigor
  • Provides Literacy & General Education Integration

25 Million CTE Job Will Be Lost To Technology, Over the Next 10 Year Period

Technology is the biggest threat to CTE jobs today. It is estimated, that over the next (10) year period, (25) million vocational/CTE jobs, will be eliminated completely, due to advancements in technology and artificial intelligence. Leading business authorities and CEO’s believe the engineers pioneering the artificial intelligence era, will have an exponentially far greater impact on society, than anything seen before by the information age. Engineers refer to the impact of technology, which leads to massive CTE job loss as, a “disruptive innovation.” Total, economic, devastation!!!
To secure employment and protect the future of CTE students who stand to lose the most from aggressive technological advancements, we at Bandit Publishing, utilizing The Formula, teach CTE students to innovate entirely new career paths for themselves, in the event STEM, by way of artificial intelligence and  machine learning, disrupts their industry, making their skill sets and jobs, obsolete. 
Using our sales instruments, our students can secure multiple opportunities for employment effortlessly. In the worst case, if employment opportunities have dried up and become scarce, we teach CTE students to re-imagine new applications for their skills, in totally new industries like seasoned sales engineers, making the acquisition of a job in a completely new industry, as simple as a taking candy from a baby. We teach CTE students to present their skill sets in a way, an employer has no choice but to hire them. The end result is, our students remain employed, regardless of fluctuations in the economy and job market. 

Once CTE Students Can Innovate New Jobs, Finding A Job Becomes Elementary

With An Understanding of Value, Job Acquisition Is Lightwork

Utilizing our engineering based entrepreneurial curriculum, we teach CTE students, in ALL career cluster, utilizing the methods of a scientist, an engineer, or both, to innovate within, or outside their vocational categories, ensuring CTE students will be able to identify new places to apply their skills, in industries never before explored.
To accomplish this career innovation feet, there are specific 21st Century skills that are necessary. Utilizing The Formula, students walk away with ALL of them. Click on the button below to learn more.

21st Century Skills CTE Success

As Elon Musk, a classically trained engineer, better known as the founder and CEO of Tesla Motors, started his entrepreneurial rise as a computer programmer, who co-innovated PayPal, the online payment system, and then went on to innovate Tesla Motors and SpaceX using classical engineering design principals, The Formula equips CTE students with the same ability, giving them the scientific vision to discover new applications for their skills, in new industries ordinarily reserved for scientist, and engineers.
By integrating The Formula’s innovative engineering based entrepreneurial curricular components, into standard CTE career clusters, we not only supply students with the right amount of academic rigor, but now all vocational students can possess the skills to re-imagine applications for their vocational skills, and then sell themselves as employees into any existing corporation at will. If need be, acting as an E-STEM CEO like Elon Musk, students can create an innovative service based corporation of their very own.
In addition to mastery in career clusters, CTE students walk away with mastery level skill sets in competencies such as: 
 Complex Problem Solving, Creativity, Negotiation, Cognitive Flexibility, Service Orientation, etc.  
 Bandit Publishing offers school districts (3) CTE curricular enhancement solutions.
 They are:
  1. The Formula Standard Curriculum & Professional Development
  2. The Formula content and pedagogical elements infused into CTE Career Clusters with Professional Development
  3. Full CTE Career Cluster Curriculum Design with Professional Development