For the past 10 years, Bandit Publishing has been pioneering a new genre of STEM called E-STEM. By combining the excitement of limitless success through entrepreneurship and the wonder of technological innovation and its ability to make the world a better place, we can engage the most disengaged student back into the academic process  in a technological state of academic excitement. E-STEM is a way of providing ALL students with 21st Century technological literacy placing them in the center of the world wide innovation ecosystem. E-STEM for districts trying to upgrade or find their STEM identity is a  game changer!
We give students the skills, techniques and methodology to apply appropriate technological approaches to any and all product design, manufacturing and distribution. In this knowledge, they are free to re-imagine new technology, inside, as well as outside of the classroom, as opposed to utilizing old technology innovated by someone else.
We make technology personal empowering for every student and fulfill the promise of education. Instead of students seeing STEM as a boring subject that has no relevance and power to improve their lives, they see STEM as a conduit to the success they are hoping and dreaming of. 
In our science and engineering classroom, the expectation is that all STEM students will naturally evolving into international technology CEO’s the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. 
Our curriculum sets students up for success not only in college, but leadership in career. Our tools develop student cognitive, as well as non-cognitive competencies across all the disciplines. The Formula is STEM, with a CEO’s purpose. E-STEM is the only way to attract ALL students into STEM and for this reason, E-STEM is the future of STEM as a tech education genre. 
The Formula’s secret engineering “recipe” can be layered into any career cluster or field of study. It is a proprietary mixture of:


  • Logic
  • Valuations
  • Math
  • Substitution
  • Modeling
Bandit Publishing has invented its own proprietary logic statement, the defining tool for ALL innovation and engineering, mixed with an understanding of value, to make engineering and innovation for all students, as simple as a child’s nursery rhyme.
The Formula is a universal engineering protocol, or a set of instructions, disguised in an entrepreneurial packaging, designed to bring any innovation to market, encapsulated within its own organically grown corporation. It is a methodology that is consistent throughout all products offerings and corporate execution. Its ultimate goal, is to create a disruptive innovation, the highest form of innovation in all the technology world, and distribute this innovation on an international scale. This is E-STEM. It is the present and future of STEM, and entrepreneurship.
All real technologist know, he who disrupts, usually becomes a billionaire and the CEO of his/her own company, through a high level financial process known as the IPO (Initial Public Offering). The Formula inspires and challenges students to set goals for themselves, they never before dreamed could be a reality through the use of academics and driven by technology. 
Today, only a very small percentage of the top academic tier of a schools population care to participate in STEM related coursework. Combining entrepreneurship with STEM in the classrooms of the world, puts the power of technology right in the palm of every students hands. This E-STEM approach, is an extremely effective way of encouraging ALL students in a school to voluntarily participate in a STEM class. With our proprietary engineering toolkit, we simplify engineering in a way that all students can understand and use to create and then calibrate next generation technology quickly. E-STEM through the technological eyes of The Formula is STEM for the masses.