The DNA of Classical Design Engineering

Classically trained engineers are revered throughout the world for their enviable ability to create, seemingly from thin air, the products and services that make the world a better place for its inhabitants. This technological skill continues to baffle educators throughout the world. STEM, arguably the hottest genre in all of 21st Century education, is at a loss as to what or how to approach the E in STEM, which stands for engineering. Although genres like Robotics and coding are at the forefront of this charge, engineering remains STEM’s missing link. The Formula is hear to end this mystery for the masses of students who are totally left out of the technological wave of education. “Minority” students are almost completely absent from the technology positions in upper management level positions. The Formula is designed to turn men, women and children into seasoned design engineers regardless of cultural background, socio-economic position, or academic literacy mastery level.  

The Most Influential Engineers of Our Time, Understand What Engineering Is, Long Before They Ever Step Foot On A College Campus

Classical Engineering Is A Universal Methodology Formulated To Be Layered Throughout ALL Industrial Pathways

Engineering programs have arguably the highest drop out rates of all the post secondary disciplines. Drop out rates for engineers can reach as high as 80-90% in their freshman year. Most drop out because they believe their professors are not telling them how to use the power of technology to create technology. 90% of schools teach technology in this mysterious secretive way even today. 

Engineering curriculum’s are grueling, requiring (4-5) times the amount of study needed to be successful in careers paths like marketing, business administration and finance. A social life is an after thought, and many engineers are ostracized and stereotyped as having zero social skills, rendering their intellectual prowess many times useless to their own economic agendas. As such, many a well intention technologist throws in the towel after being academically persecuted with formulas upon formulas, hopscotching through endless pages of mathematics with zero idea as to why they are studying what they are studying, how it will teach them to invent amazing new products, and what the formulas actually mean. Without a macro level understanding of what engineering is, hurling complex micro level math, physics and science concepts at students, scares the masses away from technology in droves. Those that are in technology fields many times end up with their academic self esteem destroyed from years of grinding technology study, pushing them far away of technology upon graduation, never to return. 

The only engineers that do not fall prey to these painful engineering pitfalls, are those that understand what the thought process of engineering actually means, as well as how the instruments of engineering are utilized to invent technology, long before they get to college. In addition to mass producing an army of engineering literate students from elementary to high school, this is one of The Formula’s value propositions to young up in coming technologist to be. This is why our students love our program. We use technology to empower students instead of demoralize them with only the calibration of technology. 


Design engineering is a sensibility born from specific and purposefully synthesizing technological components together into a piece of design engineering machinery coded into a classically trained engineering students brain and consciousness. To achieve consistency of design engineering, all these elements must be present and available for the engineer to call upon, depending on the physical properties that dictate the behavior of their discipline, as well as the materials being engineered. Without these tools, even if an aspiring designer somehow successfully identifies a problem as well as a possible solution, they are lost without the mathematical and scientific tools to manifest the product, in an endless sea of possible design approaches and technological methodology. They are helpless to manipulate the models and their elements as they have no idea what the elements or models are. They cannot calculate speed into infinity, predict probability, interpret logic, engineer risk management into their R&D, thus calibrating the model ensuring the finished product is nothing short of state-of-the-art!
Many general education curriculum designers are utilizing engineering “processes” which are a far cry from engineering principals. Engineering processes are macro level “step” usually managed by someone with no knowledge of engineering mathematical and scientific tools. Our student receive:
  • The Tools To Engineer & Design Within ANY Industry
  • An Understanding of What These Tools Mean To The Design Engineering Process
  • An Understanding of How & When To Use These Tools
The Formula provides this universal scientific and mathematical platform that transform even the most technologically challenged student with a means of getting up to speed on TRUE engineering  principals. The Formula provides not only a systematic approach that is consistent throughout all disciplines, physical properties and physical phenomena, but most important, and understanding of WHY these steps are necessary. Utilizing this tool and it’s toolkit of instruments, students know exactly what design engineering approach is needed before they diagnose ANY and ALL models they may encounter in the physical world.
The Formula is a risk free set of engineering instructions or what some would call an engineering language or protocol. Using it, we can mass produce an army of engineers at rapid speed, uploading technology literate students into every aspect of industry and business. The Formula democratizes engineering and design, preparing ALL students for the 21st Century and beyond.