Entrepreneurship does what ALL other disciplines fail to. Entrepreneurship challenges students to be great. It shows students what’s in schoolwork, for them.

Historically, most students aspire only to become an employee and as such, critical 21st Century skills like executive functioning, empathy, social and emotional intelligence, creativity, problem solving and innovation, as well as people management skills, are not developed to their full potential. By combining entrepreneurship with engineering, we provide students with an engaging platform to develop these skills to their maximum potential.
In this employee mindset, most students, as well as adults, reside at the bottom of Maslow’s pyramid, as they are looking for entrepreneurs and CEO’s to provide them with employment. As such, they do not develop these critically important soft skills employers are looking for their employees to have. A great way way to fix this, is to provide employees, with the tools to be employers. 
Entrepreneurship is a great way of providing students with a real reason and strong motivation, to explore and master the top tier of Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which is where these 21st Century skills schools are desperately trying to instill in their students reside. 21st Century skills development is about leadership and adding value to the world. Entrepreneurship is at its core about creating products and processes that make the world a better place. Adding value to the world is what each and every students participating in The Formula is committed to doing on a daily basis. 
Mixing STEM with entrepreneurship allows our students to explore the use of our proprietary logic of statement to invent and re-imagine their own genius innovations and model themselves after the greatest technology innovators of our time. Our students then acting as their own technology CEO use engineering principals to engineering corporations like a seasoned C level executive. We teach students to discover like a scientist, engineer like a genius inventor and then sell like a CEO all across the globe preparing them for success in not only college, but career. Through this process, our students explore and master all of the (NGSS) Next Generations Science Teaching Standards and beyond. 
Today’s student, as a result of the incredibly innovative entrepreneurs they see littered throughout POP culture, aspire to model themselves after these mega successful millionaires and in some cases, billionaires that exist in industries that stretch from home improvement, to entertainment, to apparel, to information technology. The Formula allows If education to remain relevant in their lives, as it draws an academic parallel between POP culture and what teachers are teaching students in the classroom. As the paradigm of education is changing rapidly, educators MUST provide students with an equal or more compelling argument than what they see on TV. Today, students believe they can learn far more about being financially and socially successful in life watching reality shows, than they can learn in school. The Formula dispels this confusion for students and this is one of the many value propositions of E-STEM and The Formula to education.
Entrepreneurship at it core is about identifying places for new value add innovation, creating the new innovation and then, arguably the most complicated part, selling value on a national and international scale. All other entrepreneurial skills and competencies are ancillary to core those three. To ensure students can accomplish this on an international scale, The Formula is the provides its student with powerful tools tools to accomplish these goals. The Formula provides its students with;
Precise Instruments To Manage Risk
Research & Development Instruments To Innovate, Test and Re calibrate 
Mathematical Instrument to Accurately Calculate Speed of Vehicle 
Instrument to Scientifically Discover, Engineer & Sell Value
Instrument to Reverse Engineer ALL Innovation
These instruments excite students as they realize instantly, harnessing the power of these instruments through academics allows them the flexibility to move from employee, up the corporate ladder to the enviable position of the billionaire entrepreneur, or better still, bypass the employee stage, and begin their career as the entrepreneur. 
Entrepreneurship is a great way of engaging and motivating contemporary students to aggressively master the soft skills needed to be successful in the 21st Century. Mixing entrepreneurship with STEM gives students a motivation to endure the rigor of science, technology, engineering and math because they realize, success on a grand scale is the prize they will achieve along their lifelong academic journey. Entrepreneurship shows students what they stand to gain by enduring the rigor in STEM based schoolwork for themselves on personal and financial level.
In our classroom, technology is simply an instrument used to supply our students with the vision, to use academics to become as successful as those they worship in the media and rise to career position of CEO-ship. In the 21st Century, where students will be forced to compete for careers in a highly competitive, technology driven global scale, success can be compartmentalized via the skills needed to thrive as an entrepreneur. Exploring the entrepreneurial teaching standards will help to shed light on this perspective.

Entrepreneurial Teaching Standards