Financial Literacy

The Most Powerful Career Ready Concept Known To Mankind

Engineers create it. Investors invest in it exclusively. Scientist discover it and salespeople sell it. It is the cornerstone of the entire world economy and the single most important manifestation of all things college and career ready. In the world of career, he who provides and sell the most value always wins. Despite its infinite importance to the world economy, it is not taught or discussed in k12 school settings. The Formula is designed to change that reality for students across the globe.  
Teaching students about value reinvents them almost immediately no matter what their field of study. The success of every corporation on earth is completely dependent upon valuation. Every CEO, mid to top level executive is obsessed with discovering and providing as much of it as humanly possible for its customers daily. Before the Great Recession of 2008, it was estimated that more than 60% of the United States economy, worth an estimated $14.2 trillion dollars, was driven by the financial industry. Hedge Fund managers were earning billions each year using it exclusively. It is the sum total of the world economy and the human condition. The goal of the hedge fund manager was, “Use my understanding of value to turn $5 dollars into $5000 dollars as quickly as humanly possible.” 
The economy was in a growth mode being driven almost completely by valuation. If students leave schools without a clear understanding of how to discover, create/engineer and sell value, they are at a serious disadvantage to those select few that can. 
Only a small minority understand this value concept and it is their single most powerful advantage over those that look to them for employment. A clear understanding of value puts the college and career learning process into overdrive for k12 students. 97% of people on earth cannot participate in this very lucrative corporate games for this simple reason. They do not know what value is, and thus, are powerless to identify, discover, quantify, create or sell it. The Formula ends this financial academic deficiency for its students allowing them to explore and develop mastery level skills in innovation, investment and sales in any and all industries on a global scale. 
All stock speculation is dependent on one word.. valuations. There can be no meaningful financial literacy, without an acute understanding of value. It is the single biggest difference between the employer, and the employee. Employers think in terms of value. Employees think in terms of money. 
Financial speculation is sales at its core. The product that you are selling is valuation. As stated previously, sales, the cornerstone of capitalism, is simply a conversation, about the exchange of value for money. Whether applying for a job, or buying shares of stock, value is the most powerful instrument in all the world of business and industry. It is the secret ingredient that makes all financial and social  phenomena relevant in our lives. Valuation is THE, career ready mother load! It is also the foundation of The Formula as an interdisciplinary curriculum. 
The National Standards for Financial Literacy ascertains that the essential areas of knowledge and understanding, fundamental to success in personal finance are below. They are ALL interconnected by valuation.
The Formula is aligned to all these financial literacy standards.
  • Earning Income
  • Buying Goods and Services
  • Using Credit
  • Saving
  • Financial Investing
  • Protecting and Insuring
To highlight the importance of value, the 2nd richest man on earth is Mr. Warren Buffett and he is worshiped throughout the world as the greatest “value” investor of all times. To the disadvantage of our youth soon to enter the workforce, very little is known of valuation. This limits their success in college as well as career drastically. The topic is barely spoken about within the any of the financial literacy or economic teaching standards nationally despite its limitless importance. Our proprietary value/innovation/engineering instruments allow our students to quickly understand multiple applications of valuation that are transferable throughout scientific discovery, technology, engineering, financial investment, sales, marketing & advertising as well as innovation in and throughout any and all industries. We use our proprietary engineering instruments to pioneer a “value based innovation” approach to innovation that allows our students to effortlessly invest in and create technology that is nothing short of state-of-the-art. Our ability to not only explain what value is to students on all grade levels, but how to apply it in an innovation or investment context puts our students on equal ground to the most powerful corporate executives of the day, making The Formula a financial literacy foundation for all. 
Without a clear understanding of value and how it is applied across multiple job descriptions and industries, students are vulnerable in their career pursuits because in terms of college and career, valuation is everything!
Valuation is the foundation of the world economy and we bring students up to speed in a matter of weeks via our customized E-STEM curriculum and lesson plans. It is the backbone of engineering, finance, economics, marketing and sales. Value based financial literacy is where The Formula as a curriculum, excels. In our classroom, we re-invent the application and use of financial value system of ALL our students setting them up for leadership roles in college and career from financial investment to technology innovation.   

  • “The Formula's explanation of valuation is the core of my decision making when buying and selling stocks every day. It’s a cheat sheet or the cliff notes on financial speculation and investment.”


    Austin Root.. Investment Banker

  • “I didn’t realize it until I read the book, but every successful person you hear speak on TV, has the word value on the tip of their tongue. Finance people who buy and sell stocks, make billions each year and the main tool of their trade is value. Warren Buffet, the 2nd richest man on earth is known of all things as a “Value Investor.” It’s almost like this value thing was hidden in plain site from all of us. Mr. Powell is the only one I’ve ever heard talk about it, and I’m not sure why. It’s the reason I purchased the books for my students. There is no career readiness, without an understanding of how to create and sell value. 


    Larry B. Martin – The Black Male Initiative