Analyzing People, Corporations and Nations As Money Machines

The Formula is defined as what economist refer to as a “socio-economic-behavioral-model” which allows instructors to explore and teach students to imitate successful money manufacturing behavior in a person, a corporation as well as a nation. The tools overarching philosophy is that financial success, whether as an individual or a corporation, is at its essence, a choice to manage The Formula’s (3) elements to successful capital manufacturing. Because of the modelike nature of The Formula, instructors via our lesson plans are afforded a platform to explore subject matter such as:
connecting various behavioral realities in everyday life, to economic phenomena and fluctuation, shedding light on how these human realities affect our choices around money and life, 
As a behavioral model, The Formula describes the micro behavior of the money creation process on a interpersonal level, as well as the macro behavior of capital creation at a corporate, national and international altitude, tying a consistent behavioral rubric between macro and micro, simplifying and democratizing economic education for ALL students.

Transforming Boring Economic Subject Matter, Into An Exciting & Engaging Promise for Personal Financial Gain


 Students design corporations referred to as “Money Machines” in our economic laboratory. Through a process referred to as coupling, likened to atomic bonding where positive, negative and neutral protons, neutrons and electrons combine, corporations interconnect based on (3) specific variables that make up The Formula. These variables combine, multiply, spin and grow organically into fully blown national and international economies over time, producing billions of dollars in revenue for its people. 

We Teach Our Students To Collectively Engineer Economies

The Formula is a natural extension of arguably the heart and soul of all economic theory, the famed supply vs. demand curve, used primarily as a financial investors stock speculation tool. The Formula is designed to empower its students by infusing engineering methodology into its economic model, to not only analyse and keep track of the price valuation of the supply, but to create it. The Formula’s toolkit applies a systematic approach by teaching its students to not only create, but increase the demand for that supply, bringing the economic macro and micro picture full circle. The Formula is supply side, as well as demand side economics. With the power of this revolutionary teaching tool, we are placing supercharged economic theory, usually reserved for those that control and design the economy, right in the palm of your students hands.