Assessment That Measures Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

The Formula comes equipped with 220+ scripted lesson plans that are not only interdisciplinary and project based in nature, but designed to ultimately develop a upper level of mastery in the core competency of creating and maintaining a fully functional corporation from scratch. As such, lesson plans are paced and inclusive of formative assessments to ensure instructors are aware of individual student learning style, allowing them to adjust pedagogical strategy long before interim and summative assessments take place. 
In particular, performance-based assessments are at the core of The Formula’s curricular designed. Throughout the course, students must complete a series of complex skills that ask them to synthesize information from multiple sources, analyze that information, and justify their conclusions. 

The Formula employs a whole host of assessment methods above and beyond traditional formative, interim and summative. Assessment methods such as Authentic’ or work-integrated assessment, Diagnostic assessment, Dynamic assessment, Synoptic assessment, Criterion referenced assessment and Ipsative assessment and interwoven throughout the entire yearlong coursework and curriculum. These assessment strategies and methods are explored thoroughly within the scope of instructor support and professional development.