Give Your Teachers Supreme Control Over Their Students In The Classroom

The Formula Professional Development Turns Teachers into Design Engineers & Classrooms Into R&D Think-tanks 

1.2 million students drop out of k12 education in America each year. When interviewed, 80% of that 1.2 million students stated their main reason for dropping out was because they didn’t see how what they were learning in school, would help them be successful in the real world. This academic disillusionment begins as early as the 7th grade. Our students don’t ask that question.
The most exciting notion for any student is to learn to take all the math, the science, the reading and writing and make something the entire world will need and desire. This is our promise to your students. Problem solving, critical thinking, leadership and innovation are skills that can be used to make a company from scratch, or rise from the mail room to a management level position within one. 
Our covenant to our students is, “At anytime, a students should be able to ask a teacher how what they are learning will translate to financial success in career.” Our curriculum ties every subject back to its application in career. Many a teacher and administrator has said, “Had I learned these skills when I was younger, there is not telling where and what I would be today.”

Effective Professional Development Produces Teachers Who Bring Academics To Life While Inspiring & Empower Their Students

To ensure we build state-of-the-art technological capacity within a school to teach The Formula with extreme fidelity, teachers receive:
  • Basic Training On The Formula
  • Ongoing Year Long Teacher Support On Each Lesson Plan
  • On Demand Teacher Remote In Class Support Via Distance Learning