The Formula

STEM Education Designed For Global Participation Via Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Innovation

The Formula is a simplified mathematical model empowering students to use classical engineer methods, principals and tools to engineer a corporation as well as the corporations product offerings. It is engineering distilled down to its simplest and most essential elements so ALL students can understand the fundamentals of engineering as a genre. We are democratizing technological innovation through engineering. It’s engineering made for the masses. The Formula makes engineering exciting by wrapping our proprietary engineering tools in an entrepreneurial packaging. Students can now create and own technology instead of doing only the computation aspect which leads to technological disillusionment and a desire to avoid the field of study all together. 
In academic practice, the tool is designed to provide students with a profound technological academic experience through creating technology in a maker space environment. The Formula is an academic incubator in lesson plan curricular format. The Formula allows schools to turn students into technology college and career ready industry leaders and visionaries. In The Formula, school districts can provide all students, and not just their AP track, with an exciting technological outlook on their future while giving them the soft skills to move up within any organization into management level positions. The Formula takes technology education and innovation a step further than traditional STEM programs like robotics as its promise is to empower students to innovate any and all forms of technology that may include electrical, mechanical and computer program as a synthesized technological assembly. The Formula allows students to not only calibrate, but to explore and innovate all forms of technology without limits or categories.   
The Formula is a innovation protocol or a technological design methodology, illustrated through specific proprietary engineering instruments, manifested through a set of instructions that empower students to discover, engineer, market, sell and ultimately invest in any product offering, in any field of study, in any and all industries. This methodology evolves naturally and organically into a fully functioning corporation, providing our students with academic engagement and relevance to daily life. The corporate evolutionary process provided through our marketing/investment/engineering protocol or language, takes our students on an exploratory journey of mastery of math, reading, speaking, writing, innovation, social / emotional learning as well as executive function, where students will ultimately sit at the head of a Fortune 500 corporation they have engineered, born from their own passions, talents and genius. 
As H2O is a formula for the successful manufacturing of water, The Formula is a mathematical interpretation of the manufacturing of money on a interpersonal level between two people exchanging products or services, as well as an individual and their employer. It also mathematically describes capital creation on a corporate level between a corporation and its customers and business partners. Students of The Formula can take the theory a step further and use it to analyse a nation and it’s trade relationships with other countries as well as its people which translates to its GDP. Inside its (3) elements, our students learn to fundamentally engineer the supply as well as increasing the demand for that supply throughout the world. The Formula is a way of mathematically illustrating and tracking the rate of speed at which all these social and economic phenomenons take place, ultimately producing an output of money. As such, we can scaffold financial literacy, business administration and economics all through the methods and best practices of a classically trained design engineer. 
In practice, The Formula is a technology driven, project based interdisciplinary curriculum, equipped with a full year of coursework, designed for students from grades 5 through 12. Our students leave our program with the skills to innovate and redesign any product, anytime, in any place and in any industry. As innovation is the heart and soul of 21st Century learning, The Formula provides a next generation academic paradigm shift for its students. In addition to its universal innovation sensibility, The Formula scaffolds:
1.) STEM
2.) Business Management
3.) Financial Literacy
4.) Entrepreneurship
5.) Economics
6.) CTE
7.) Engineering

The Curriculum Can Be Used To:

1.) Substitute a High School Full Credit Math OR Science Course 
2.) Satisfy a Business Management Course Requirement
3.) Satisfy a Financial Literacy Requirement
4.) Satisfy an Entrepreneurial Course Requirement
5.) Satisfy an Economics Course Requirement
6.) Satisfy a STEM Course Requirement 
The Formula is a recipe, of which the main ingredients are math, science, history, writing, logic, modeling, valuations, reading, innovation, speaking, critical thinking, listening and behavioral modification just to name a few. Our curriculum mixes these ingredients together, using very specific instructions to make academics relevant and most important — fun and engaging.
The goal of the course is to provide all students with measurable improvements across the disciplines, while putting them on a clear path to success in college and career. Students exist the course with an ivy league mentality towards education,  excited and confident about all they can achieve in life through technological the application of academics. Students aspire to evolve organically into visionaries and titans of industry.

The Formula is Inspirational STEM

As an algorithm, The Formula is the entire college and career exploration picture resulting in the producting of a company. This mathematical interpretation of the organic behavior of a corporation, and all job descriptions within it. Districts can use The Formula to:
  • Upgrade CTE Clusters With Interdisciplinary Rigor For Success In the 21st Century
  • Increase Financial, Economic, Entrepreneurial and Technological Literacy
  • Deliver STEM Outcomes To An Entire School
  • Positively Effect School Culture
  • Teach Behavioral Consumer Science
  • Teach Engineering Design Fundamentals
  • Increase Speaking, Reading and Listening Skills
  • Teach Fundamentals in Marketing, Business Management & Economics.
The Formula is a risk management standard for industry. It provides an overarching approach to non specific business execution, on all levels of the corporate experience, providing students with real world project based application of the disciplines that happen to be technologically driven. Our students set their sights on leveraging next generation 21st Century technology, infused throughout all the disciplines, to create jobs for many, instead of finding a job for themselves. The Formula is aspiration STEM!
Students embark on a technologically driven career exploration journey, that supplies them with an upper level glimpse into the mechanical inter-workings, as well as the roles and responsibilities, associated with every job description within a fully functioning corporation. Through the eyes of The Formula and its (3) elements, students learn to scientifically:
  • Diagnose
  • Fix
  • Engineer
fully functional corporations of their very own from scratch, bringing academics out of the abstract and into practical, executable application for all. The Formula provides mastery in scientific discovery, technological literacy and engineering innovation, creating meaningful engagement and elevating performance in college, as well as dominance in career. 
Our students use The Formula to create and sell the envy of the entire technological world, the infamous, “disruptive innovation.”

A Disruptive Technical Education Innovation

The Formula is a disruptive innovation in that, customarily, disruptive innovation was a term and aspiration set only for students of private schools and Ivy League post-secondary colleges. Now all students, regardless of socio-economic background, can innovate and disrupt their fields of study at will. 
Engineers would refer to The Formula as a language, or a protocol. It is a set of technological instructions, designed to supply our students with the problem solving thought process mechanics, engineers utilize to imagine the innovative products that change the world. As a protocol, or set of instructions, The Formula evolves organically, turning the disruptive innovations our students create, into worldwide, lifestyle brands. 
Districts that acquire The Formula receive:
  • Improved Interdisciplinary Test Scores
  • Full Academic Engagement
  • Increased Academic Persistence
  • Improved Cross Curricular Grade Point Averages
  • Increased Attendance
  • Positive Behavioral Changes & Leadership Development
  • Cognitive & Non – Cognitive Improvements
Instead of exposing a very select few of your students to the myriad of academic benefits and advantages embedded within design engineering, STEM, entrepreneurship, financial Literacy and economic education models, using The Formula, school districts can now cast a VERY wide net, exposing ALL their students, to ALL of academic and behavioral benefits associated with these content areas.