ALL STEM Students Need Entrepreneurship

Education Equals Corporate Leadership

When our students surprise themselves and come up with amazing innovations, they take ownership and pride in their creations which produces intense  engagement, determination and persistence to see their vision through to success. They take intense pride in their accomplishments born from their own life experiences adding relevance to academics for them on a personal level. 
Because The Formula is a broad based technological innovation/engineering methodology, used to amplify the real world relevance of ALL academic disciplines in the corporate creation and sales process students see academics and school as vitally important. With multiple applications, it is designed to be layered throughout any career cluster and / or pathway for general education integration, or used as its own stand alone class. Whether integrated into a cluster or as an elective class on its own, in our classroom, the end game for students is to aspire to excitement of corporate ownership. 
The overarching philosophy of the class is, the most powerful and successful leaders in their respective industries, whether in information technology, real estate, retail, manufacturing, banking, financial services to even education, success is dependent upon (3) skills. They are:
Scientific Discovery 
Innovation / Engineering 
Sales & Marketing 
The Formula is designed to systematically teach students to do all (3) at the highest possible levels in any and all industries. 
The Formula uses these (3) basic skills to legitimize all the academic disciplines illustrating how they play into the process of economic growth in any and all industries but through the lens of a technologist. Once students realize how important math, reading, writing, speaking, listening and behavior are to these processes, their engagement in other classes increase dramatically resulting in improved academic outcomes across the board. 

Middle School Student Engagement

Middle School Student Engagement

In our classroom, we showcase the most successful and iconic titans of industry before our students as models to strive for. In the same way a soloist would transcribe and memorize the solos of great musicians like Miles Davis, Beethoven, John Coltrane, Tchaikovsky and Thelonious Monk, our students, empowered by our proprietary instruments, learn to reverse engineer the innovations and brand evolution of great industry icons like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, & Jeff Bezos. 
Our proprietary engineering and marketing technology simplifies the through process of these timeless titans of industry so simply, our students feel as if they are inside the minds of these great genius innovators, creating their innovations and engineering the evolution of their brands along with them. When they hear the language of what they are learning in the class spoken by these industry icons in commercials and interviews, they realize what they are learning are the secrets of the leaders in their fields of study. This affirms that what they are learning will lead them to the success they seek and strengthens their academic resolve.

Elementary Student Engagement